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GoSimon (GSMN) Is a modern , quirky rock band that goes his own way and writes his own repertoire . The songs are inspired by the 80's sound, but modern influences and technical tools apply to the sound of GoSimon and provide a unique band sound that appeals to the public tremendously, as witnessed by the many positive reactions during and after performances (the song " I depend "on number 1 in the Lowlands top 25). The band members have all left their traces in the rock scène, more than earned by successful performances throughout the Netherlands (including the Paradiso, Melkweg, the Trojan Horse and the Arena ) as well as in Belgium , Germany and England. GoSimon stands for pure quality. Steady drums, supported by a throbbing bass. A solid guitar sound, where needed delicate and subtle. The keys, with samples, beats and sequences make now a nice carpet and are then very strong present. The vocals are alternately raw, or melodic and sensitive, whether polyphonic , but always very accessible and nice catchy. The band is busy with the preparations for the third CD at the moment. This will provide a dozen songs come to be very hit potential, with which the band hopes to break through nationally and hopefully international. GoSimon splashes off the stage by the infectious enthusiasm of the members and of course the great music. GoSimon is: Jaap Tuinenga- vocals, Martin van der Hoek- keyboards/ vocals, Klaas Kloosterman- bass/ vocals, RJ Kammenga- guitar/ vocals, Jan van der Wal- drums/ vocals
Booking & information Management mail@gosimon.nl 058-2570052/8441218 06-55786910
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